A simple lifestyle change such as eating organic foods rather than traditional foods is one way to improve your body. Keep those chemicals and toxins out of the body that have been used in the growth of that delicious orange, lettuce or chicken breast. Eating organically can be a little more on the pricey side but in the long term you are paying a few cents more to get a whole lot more nutrients.

Anything that is not organic has more than likely been treated with herbicides, pesticides, growth hormones (animal products mostly), additives or some other chemical that we cannot pronounce. Prior to the last few years, these foods that are considered organic (not synonymous with all natural) could mostly been found in health food stores. Now, the grocery stores even have them in special sections so that you know you are getting the food that is healthier for you.

So what is the big deal about eating organically?

officialhealthblog-eat-real-foodYou may not see the benefits entirely. Sometimes spending a few extra cents is an intangible thought when you are not sure that you will see the results. Do you realize that we are not completely 100 percent sure what some of these chemicals might do to us? We are virtually pickling ourselves with all of these chemicals and toxins that we actually choose to ingest ourselves. Research into organic foods is a continuously ongoing process.

Now, if you can wrap your mind around the entire concept of eating organically, you are consuming foods that are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients. This means that you are getting the ultimate nutritious benefits from these foods. What this can also mean is that by altering your lifestyle to consuming these nutrients that are better for you and easier for your body to break down is that you can actually prevent several diseases. Your body has all of these toxins building up inside of it and it can literally begin to make your digestive system function less efficiently.




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