Upon seeing the infamous P90X workout system for the first time, it could just blow your mind because you may have a hard time fathoming that your body can keep going with the intensity of these exercises for such a long period of time. The workout system comes with numerous different workouts plus a calendar to tell you which days you should do which workouts to maximize full body strength.  The P90X workout system is a series of heart pounding and sweating exercises that are not for the weak of mind. It takes a powerful mentality to start it and stick with it to get the full benefits of the exercise regimen in 90 days.

The testimonials of the commercial workout series of fitness DVDs, P90X, speak for themselves as many people around the world have used it to redefine their body, toning and rejuvenating their physical vessel as well as the mind and spirit. The hard work will pay off but it is not an exercise program that someone should just jump into. Since the intensity level of P90X is designed to keep a person going each day and workout until you may be in tears, you can start off slow depending on your already present fitness level.


If you are a fitness guru, you might be able to work through the P90X series with no problem and see the results of weight loss and muscle toning. Most of the rest of people who may have lived sedentary or semi-sedentary lifestyles where even walking was the maximum of their regimen may want a slower start to this hardcore and high impact workout series. The fitness program was intended to push those who were already fit into a workout system that was even more intense.

Upon first hearing of the workout, which most people have heard of unless they have lived under a rock, you might just give up at the first glance of what the trainer and creator, Tony Horton, has to offer in his first series of workout programs. With a total of several different routines, the body is taken on a roller coaster of workouts that can be done at home that combine martial arts, pilates, plyometrics, yoga, muscle movement, cardio workouts and other exercises. All of them are done at high levels for several minutes and with the intention that only one workout per day be completed.

For those who are not physically fit but are still pretty agile, P90X can still be done. It just does not have to be at such high intense levels. If you are interested in starting P90X and are not already in what you feel like is tip top shape, you can use ways to alter exercises that are helpful for beginners. One thing that this series does is has a person do a set of exercises for a certain amount of time. If you cannot do an exercise for five minutes at a time, cut it in half or even do it less. The important part is that you are at least doing it and that your body is in motion. You may eventually find yourself doing the full body exercise at its intended length and it will be empowering to know that you could accomplish this series of exercises.


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