Focus T25 The 25 Minute Daily Workout to Tone Your Muscles & Lose Weight

How Would You Like To Tone Your Muscles And Lose Weight By Only Working Out 25 Minutes Per Day?

Focus T25 ResultsIt isn’t necessary to starve yourself to death, buy expensive equipment or spend hours and hours in the gym.  You can lose weight just as efficiently as working out at the gym by doing the T25 program all from the comfort of your very own home.

  • Designed with busy people in mind: Just work out 25 minutes per day to get the results you want.
  • Anybody can do the T25 program: You can start this program no matter what your current shape or fitness level is.
  • No equipment needed: You don’t have to spend money on expensive equipment or gym membership fees.  The workouts can all be done in the living room of your own home.
  • Guaranteed results: Shaun-T will be your own personal trainer.  Just follow him 25 minutes per day and 5 days per week to see results.
  • 30 day money back guarantee: Ask for a refund with no questions asked if you aren’t 100{bb68a92b1f2aaf20282b191f1a811cbace81877a93687d4b707e3d0e9ed655ab} satisfied.

Why Is This Program Called T25?

Focus T25Focus T25 is basically a high intensity strength/cardio training program.  It lasts for 25 minutes and provides you with same type of weight loss results that the old 45-60 minute Insanity program did.

The world-renowned fitness expert and personal trainer Shaun-T developed this new program from scratch.  You might be familiar with Shaun-T from his very popular and highly acclaimed Insanity Program.

The Insanity Program was very long and extremely difficult.  If you were able to fight through and stick with over the first couple of weeks it was very effective.  However, most people struggled with finding enough time to do the program and ended up quitting.

Beachbody listened to what customers were saying and had the Focus T25 program created.  After extensive research and a significant number of case studies, they discovered that it was during the initial 30 minutes of the workout where people were having the greatest opportunity to tone muscle and lose weight.

So, the T25 program was redesigned to incorporate the best moves and exercises to tone muscles and burn fat within structured 25-minute workout sessions.  There is a short 2-5 minute period of stretching following each workout for cooling down, which brings the total workout time to 30 minutes.

That’s why this program is deal for busy people whose time is limited for working out.

The best high-pact moves have been incorporated into the programs to work all the major muscle groups and all the core areas that Insanity did.  They include the hamstrings, upper body, core, calves and quads.  A total body workout DVD is also included that provides a thorough focus on the upper body, providing options for everyone to perform full body workouts.

Focus T25

What Does “Focus” Refer To?

Shaun-T wanted to incorporate the combination of exercises that were most effective.  That’s where the name Focus T25 comes from.

He especially wanted to include those exercises that burn the most fat and build the most muscle during intensive 25 minute exercise sessions.  It is so focused, in fact, you hit the ground, literally, beginning with the first minute of the first session.  You don’t stop at until the workout is finished.

Over the past couple of years, several studies have been conducted which prefer short intense workouts compared to long ones, particularly when burning fat is the goal.  I think both these types of workouts have their advantages and purposes.

For example, if you are really into endurance sports like triathlons or long distance running, then intensive 60 to 90 minute workouts is definitely what you need.  No matter how intense short workouts may be, they just aren’t going to be sufficient.

The goals of the program are clear: get ripped and toned up, shed fat and start eating right.

The reason most people workout is because they would like to be fit and stay healthy.  However, my motivation is somewhat unconventional.  Over the years during my athletic career, I beat my body up in numerous ways.  It has left me with many lingering aches and pains whenever I don’t keep myself fit.

That’s why I have made staying healthy, nutrition and fitness a way of life.  I keep it in balance, of course.  I still eat pizza and go out drinking with my friends.  I’m not totally crazy.

The Ideal Workout Program For People Who Are Busy!

Focus T25 ResultsI have discovered that I have wanted to optimize my workouts to shorter and shorter sessions over the years.  I wanted my workouts to be as effective, simple and fast as possible.  In other words, I don’t want to have to work out for several hours every day.

This is clearly a common problem.  I mean, who’s got that much time when you have a family and work full-time?

If that sounds like you, I promise this workout is perfect for you!

No major equipment is needed, and it only takes a half hour that you can squeeze into any part of your day.  Do it five times per week.  That’s it.

You could even do your workout over your lunch break!  With the Focus T25 program, you quite simply don’t excuses any longer for not having the time or resources to perform quality workouts.

DVD #1- Cardio Time

Right from the very start, Shaun-T starts off with what he is known for.  I am familiar with the Insanity workouts, so I knew he would start with cardio.  I was still blown away!  I never knew that even Shaun could maximize the use of 25 minutes the way that he has done here.  At this point, I knew this program was the real thing.

Update: I started on T25 once again in the morning, and then combined it with P90x3 or PiYo in the afternoon.  I was reminded of just how difficult the first workout is.  Right from the start, you get your legs moving and heart rate up.  If it’s been a long time since you worked out, follow the modifier Tanya.  The reason I suggest this is Shaun will have you jumping side to side and running in place within minutes.  In order to set yourself up to succeed on your first workout, take breaks and for your first 25 minutes follow the modifier.

At the 13 minute mark, you’ll be given your first break.  With 9 minutes left, there’s another change of pace.  Fight hard to keep up with him until then at least.  When I finished that first workout, I felt great the rest of the day.  I was reminded that never giving up, hard work and commitment always pay off in the end.

The pattern quickly establishes itself as you continue to work through the routines.  Begin with a brief warm up, then over 25 minutes rump right into building muscle and burning fat.  You will work up a sweat, but it’s definitely worth it!

Warning: There is serious jumping involved in these intensive routines!

In fact, if there is a potential drawback to the program, it’s the jumping.  Like the Insanity program from Shaun, you do need to be very careful when it comes to the routines’ jumping aspects.  Particularly if you have back or knee problems.

If you do have any knee problems currently, you will need to modify the workouts.  You will be doing side to side lateral jumping.  I do have some issues with my knees, but I’m smart about things.  If there’s anything that puts me at risk, I make sure to modify it.  You need to do the same thing if you have any issues.

Shaun-T fortunately did think of this.  There is a modified version included for people like me with issues.  It’s great for individuals who haven’t worked out in a while.  Just perform the easier version any time you feel you can’t keep up.  You will eventually be able to do the harder version with Shaun.

When you perform the modified version, you might feel like you’re cheating.  However, this is definitely not true.  Even doing the modified version, you’ll be burning plenty of fat.  So don’t worry.

The side to side and vertical jumps potentially can cause injuries if you’re not ready and trained to do them.

Here’s a brief overview of what’s included in the Focus T25 Workout Program from Shaun-T:

  • Quick Start Guide: this well help you hit the ground running from the very start!
  • Eleven 25-minute workout DVDs: You will be working out 5 days per week.
  • Workout Calendar
  • 5 Day Fast Track Guide: This will give you a head start to the workouts
  • Nutrition Meal Plan- time-saving and super easy meal plans
  • Wall Sized Workout Calendar: You can track your daily progress on your calendar
  • Workout Resistant Band: This is the only equipment needed for the workouts (you might also want to have a yoga or floor mat)

Also included in the program are the Five-Day Fast Track Meal Plan and Nutritional T25 Meal Plan.  It is easy to follow these plans, you are told what to eat and precisely when to eat.  It helps you to stay focused and there’s no room at all for error.

Keep in mind that this aspect of the program is critical for your success.  Prepare to make changes if you eat the regular three meals per day like most people do.  With this program, you eat five or six smaller meals each day.

Focus T25 Challenge

Breakdown Of The Focus T25 Workout Schedule

Month 1 (5 DVDs) Building The Foundation: Alpha Cycle Workouts

  • Cardio- 25 minutes of non-stop cardio exercises.
  • Speed 1.0- this work on improving your stability, stretching and speed.
  • Total Body Circuit- strength and cardio movements.
  • AB Intervals- it’s a good idea to use a soft carpeted area or yoga mat for this.
  • Lower Focus- make sure your leg are rested before doing this!
  • Stretches- you finally get a break.

Month 2  (5 DVDs) For The Core: Beta Cycle Workouts

  • Core Cardio- a step up from Month 1’s Cardio workout.
  • Speed 2.0- in Speed 1.0 you perfect the basics.  Here the pace is stepped up by Shaun-T and you learn some new moves as well.
  • Rip’t Circuit- sequence of upper body, then legs, then abs and repeat.
  • Dynamic Core- intense core workout that includes plenty of dynamic exercises.
  • Upper Focus- build strength with this exclusive upper body workout
  • Core Speed- to increase your speed, work in agility and core moves

Are Any Of The Offered Extra Promotional Items Necessary?

The answer is no.  However, if you do happen to have some extra cash, I do highly recommend the Shakeology product.  It is an excellent recovery drink and meal replacement.  It is tastes great, is loaded with protein and low in carbs and sugar.

To lose weight, you will definitely want to consider the nutrition plan.  It is kind of expensive, however a majority of quality products are.  Just one visit to Whole Foods or GNC will confirm this.  A yoga mat is also a good idea.  It offers padding for doing exercise and keeps sweet off your carpet.

So Are You Ready To Start The Program?

Note: There are three different packages offered by BeachBody:
Basic (lowest price), The Deluxe (mid-range price) and Challenge Pack (includes everything except the kitchen sink).  Choose the package that best fits your budget and needs.

Keep in mind you won’t have to pay for a monthly gym membership or buy any equipment.  You can do your workouts all from the comfort of your very own home.  So, why not get started today.  Order the best package for you below, and make sure you let us know about your results.

Focus T25