While you are ready to get your downward dog on and do poses you did not know your body could do to increase strength and flexibility, you will find that in addition to proper yoga attire that you also will want your yoga mat. If you are taking a class, there might be some extras but honestly, do you want to roll around on a mat that has been previously sweat dripped on? Ew!

Fortunately, you can find yoga mats at all different price ranges depending on your needs. They are an essential as you will find that even if you work out doing yoga in your home that some floor surfaces like wood, carpet or tile will cause slipping. The same is true in a yoga studio. A yoga mat allows for a non-slip surface so you will not struggle with the pose and if you are in class, you are not the embarrassed one that topples over because you slipped although there are some people who just will topple over sometimes anyway! (Try not to get distracted and giggle too loudly).

Going to an athletic store and asking for a yoga mat sounds pretty simple. But even if they just happen to have one in stock, it does not mean it is the right one for you. Just how tall are you? If you are a female that towers a little taller than most females or are an average height male, then you might just need a bigger yoga mat. Sure you want to be economical and choose a yoga mat that is best for you, simply going in to the local dollar store will give you exactly what you pay for. A flat mat with no padding. Ick! It can be uncomfortable, but it is an option if you are doing yoga spur of the moment and need a quick fix before you find the right one.

Honestly, reading reviews and shopping for yoga mats online is the best way to find some that have the best reviews. You are looking for an anti-slip surface that is not overly bulky because you do have to carry this thing in and out of the yoga studio for classes and you also have to tote in your vehicle or at home.

When you first decide you are going to start practicing yoga, you could get very excited looking for the latest styles of yoga gear such as print yoga pants and tops and going on a splurge. Then you might get super excited about your first yoga mat because in your mind you are going: “YES! I have finally decided to make a change toward obtaining a leaner body.”

Well, you do not have to waste $35 or $50 on a yoga mat just because you are inexperienced at shopping for a yoga mat. Do not buy it on impulse, unless like previously said you are in a pinch and need a cheap one fast but do not get too attached without learning some tips for purchasing a yoga mat.

You do not want a squishy mat or one that is slippery. There are some that are eco-friendly and others that are more lightweight that even come with a travel bag to make it easier to tote. If you do hot yoga, then you might need a whole different mat all together that is better to use for sweating and not slipping. There are several mats that are great for under $20.

You want a mat that is a little bit thicker so that you are comfortable in some of the poses. Honestly, it is also suggested to try out brand name mats because they do offer the best quality. Some of the most trusted are Manduka, Gaiam, Prana, and JadeYoga. They are just highly trusted in the yoga mat industry. If someone like an instructor tells you that they love their yoga mat, give it a shot. They’re the expert.

Always go for one that fits your height. They do come in extended sizes! Nothing is worse than having a mat that you hang off of! Once you have your mat, you are destined for a leaner body when you keep up the fitness regimen.


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