One method of weight loss and a way to feel healthier overall is a good old juicing. A juice cleanse has become a popular way for people to detox and help boost immunity. This allows the entire body to replenish and renew. With all of the different types of juices that can be used during a juice cleanse, there are several antioxidants, vitamins and other elements that can turn that body upside down into feeling much better. Plus, it is a safe and non-chemical way to detoxify and you will find yourself feeling more revitalized.

Vegetable juices and other raw fruit juices help give you a boost. When doing a juice cleanse, the digestive system does not use much energy which allows the body to build up immunity and replenish itself through detoxification. It can be a process that takes a week or two and the juice cleanse can make you feel a little tired, hungry and leave you with little energy for the first few days. However, the positives of the two weeks of cleansing definitely outweigh those tough couple of initial days of cleansing. Since fruit and vegetable juices help supply many nutrients to the body, energy levels should stay high enough so that you can go about your daily routine but it is recommended to do the cleanse, if you have never done it before, at a time when you are at a lull or on a vacation from work or school.

When using juicing as a cleansing mechanism to help boost your body’s functionings, you may be curious as to where to start. It really is all about experimentation. Prior to doing a complete juice cleanse using fruit and vegetable juice, it is a good idea to prepare the body for that change so it is not as drastic and will be a little be easier to adjust. Try to first eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible a few days prior to your juice cleanse. Anything that might cause body withdrawals should also be eliminated for these few days. It is best to cut back on sugar, alcohol, coffee and any other foods that are your foods of weakness so that you can have a more effective cleanse.

When doing your juice cleanse, it is advisable to use everything fresh and use your own juicer. Try different combinations of cucumbers, apples, herbs, garlic, carrots, and anything else that might sound good to you to try. If you don’t have your own juicer, it is still ok to get your juices from a health food store and drink different types of juices rather than just sticking to one kind. Vegetable juices are more highly recommended because of the lack of sugars that fruit juices have.

During your cleanse, avoid all other drinks such as coffee, tea or carbonated beverages. It is advised that during a juicing cleanse, you drink a recommended about 8-16 servings that are 8 ounces of that freshly squeezed juice. During this cleanse you are to not consume anything solid at all. It maybe be wise to take a fiber supplement to keep fiber in the diet as there is very little present in what you are consuming in the cleanse.

After the cleansing process, try starting off eating lightly on solid foods. Try steamed veggies, brown rice, salads and fruits. Determine how good it has made you feel and your immunity will feel strong and boosted and it will have also caused you to have weight loss as too be rejuvenating your entire system and metabolism.

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