All of these toxins that we inject into our body every single day are literally hurting us. Every second of every day is amazing but not every breath is a breath of clean air. Chemicals in the air around us, those that are present in the food that we ingest, and those that are present in our surroundings are all damaging in one way another, killing us silently, one second at a time. Bad bacteria in the body is no good. Why not take a stand against these toxins and do a clean detox and free the body of these substances so that we can maintain a healthier life with even more longevity? A clean detox can help achieve that, allowing the body’s systems, which already do their own detoxing, to work at maximum capacity to help rejuvenate you.

A clean detox can be seen as a diet or it can be seen for what it is: a way of eliminating gross bacteria, mold and other nasty staff making itself comfy in your body organs and tissues. For 30 days, you can do a clean detox and then continue on to eat how you normally would but hopefully more mindfully. You should consider everything that you put into your mouth and if it really has any nutritional value. Our digestive system works in overdrive breaking down our food into vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that our bodies actually can use. When using the important foods that are in the clean detox diet, it eliminates the hard work by entering our body already in a form that the body can use.

Sometimes these detox diets can get a bad reputation for being extreme and being a fad but there are several foods that can be used to detox the body for a healthier and cleaner living. It can even cause weight loss of up to ten pounds in about a month without doing any exercise. The plus side is that when using the following foods, it is a diet that consists of food that has been approved by cardiologists. Using these foods, you can purify your insides and help alleviate any problems that are current and can even prevent future health issues.

The clean detox will flush out the digestive system and eliminate some of the fat that the body retains in a method to defend itself. While some people may think of a detox as a method of starvation, that is simply not true. A clean detox is not like a crash diet but instead helps people to realize that what they are putting into their bodies also determines how a person feels. If you eat nothing but junk, you will feel like garbage too.

Some of the best foods to eliminate are eggs and dairy, peanuts, beef, pork, any gluten, soy, processed sugar, alcohol, soda and coffee. It may be hard for the first few days but many of these foods are chemically processed with things that our bodies simply do not know what to do with. The foods that are used in the clean detox promote good bacteria which helps burn fat. Foods that should be included in the clean detox are cold water fish, herbal teas, fresh berries, green leafy vegetables, pastured chicken that is free-range fed, lemon water, protein powder that is plant based, apple cider vinegar, unsweeted coconut milk and coconut oil. Following this clean detox will make you feel better and look better.

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