Get your sweat on and start up with a new mentality about getting fit. If you are tired of the same old stair climber, elliptical or treadmill, look for a new way that has become popular for amping up that energy and gearing you toward a more fit and lean body that looks good and feels good. Spinning has gained popularity in most recent years as more and more fitness centers are offering spin classes. They can be hardcore and can really juice you up for weight loss and muscle tone so hop on a stationary bike. Though you aren’t going anywhere, you will find that your destination is fitness and with spin classes, you can get there.

Spin classes are exhilarating and fast paced. Spinning is basically indoor cycling but with a more vigorous workout than just using a stationary bike. You are able to take spinning classes year round or even if you wish, you can own your own spinning bike at home. There are actually several different routines for these sweat building workouts so you might be surprised at how varied spinning is. Spinning is an awesome workout for all different ability levels too. You just need to try to stay within the level of workout that you are comfortable with. Many spin classes are offered at different levels. However, you do have to push yourself in spinning to obtain the maximum effect for your body.

If you are considering spin classes, just know what to expect. There are a bunch of exercise bikes in a fitness studio room. You are listening to upbeat music to keep you energized. You will do a warm up on your stationary bike to get you ready for those steady and fast paced cadences. Be prepared to cycle hard and fast during sprints and sometimes you might even have to “climb” a hill.

After you have had a steady work out, you are then ready for a nice cool down and you never know what your instructor might tell you.

The goal of spinning is to keep those tennis shoes on the pedals and keep pumping them faster and faster with top momentum. The impact is often influenced too by your posture as a rider and whether or not you stay seated or if you raise up from the bike seat saddle. You will find sweat dripping off of your body if you are doing it right and it might be wise to pack a towel and a bottle of water for this excruciating ‘trip.’ Even though you are stationary, you really are going somewhere. You are headed toward a fit body. You will feel more energized and ready to keep up the momentum.

As long as you keep pushing yourself and stay motivated, it is a vigorous workout and it is a great way to stay fit when the weather outside is not so nice and you are in the mood for a good bike ride. Be prepared to burn some calories and fat and go home with some sweaty clothes after a nice spin cycle that has nothing to do with laundry.


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