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How to Lose Weight with Yacon Syrup

Are you like so many of us who are sick and tired of all these ridiculous fad diets floating around that never seem to work, or are too complicated? Are you looking for an easy to take supplement that is all natural and proven to work? Well you have finally found the right website.

Yacon Molasses syrup is the absolute perfect option. I found out about it not too long ago, and I am so happy to have found it. Especially after reading some of the results people have had, and seeing success stories and photos. If you are like me, and need to shed some excess weight as well as balance out bacteria in your intestines then this is the product you have been waiting for.

  • Helps Promote Weight Loss
  • Promotes fat burning process in the body
  • Activates energy levels
  • Aids in digestion and improves immune system
  • Provides antioxidant support to the humans

Yacon Molasses is an all natural, completely organic supplement made from yacon syrup that helps promote weight loss. I was like “Oh hell yeah!” Give it to me already! And what? And it’s even rich in stuff called prebiotics like fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and insulin.

Woah, I know, a little too technical for most, but hey, when our friends ask about it, look how impressive we can sound! So this FOS stuff is a sugar that is found in many plants and yacon syrup is highly concentrated with it. Another bonus is that each tablespoon of yacon syrup is only 20 calories and the FOS in it helps break down the digestive system’s enzymes.

So How does this Yacon Syrup Work?

weight-loss-2Yacon Syrup is derived from the yacon root which is a plant grown in the Andes Mountains in South America that has been used in Peru for centuries. Fascinating eh? Well, the sweet tasting extract of the root is what helps promote the bacteria in the body, as well as acting as an appetite suppressant, which helps us all on our way to shedding those pounds that we wished would get lost behind the couch somewhere. Yacon Syrup is also packed full of antioxidants which in turn encourages a healthier metabolism. And that is what we are all after! A healthier metabolism. Especially as we get older. In fact, I think this is the botox my metabolism needs!

How to Use Yacon

The instructions say to take 1 teaspoon of yacon syrup with or before each meal. It can also be used as a sugar substitute, such as in tea or coffee. And if you are like me, and love pancakes, then you can even use it in place of syrup or molasses. Some people I know add it to their oatmeal or fruit. The possibilities are endless! I do not however recommend it as a topping on ice cream sundaes. That probably defeats the whole purpose.

Some more Nitty Gritty

Remember that FOS stuff we were talking about earlier? Well, Yacon Molasses’ FOS component also helps control bowel movements by eliminating constipation. Hooray for that! And, this daily supplement has also been linked to boosting the immunity system and is even a good anti-inflammatory fighter. My joints are already singing hallelujah!

Week 1

Armed with all this wonderful, geeky information I set out and bought some Yacon Molasses from this website. Once my lovely new bottles arrived, I got right down to it and started taking it. Thank goodness it is naturally sweet. As with any new supplement, you have to learn to choke it down, but it really is easy to take. Since it is low on the glycemic index rating it will not cause blood sugar and insulin spikes that also contribute to gaining weight.

Week 2

I didn’t weigh myself the first week, on purpose, so that I wouldn’t be constantly driving myself crazy every minute of the day. So on the morning of week two when I stepped on the scale I was pleasantly surprised! Without any extra exercise, and no restrictive diet other than my usual healthy fare, I had lost 3.5 pounds!

Week 3

Sticking to my “no weigh” rule throughout the rest of week 2, stepping on the scale again the morning of the start of my third week was exciting. My clothes had been fitting looser and I just FELT better. Indeed, I had lost another 4 pounds. That was CRAZY!  This stuff was really helping me ditch some of the nighttime cravings I used to have and my caloric intake was definitely down, and I felt energetic enough to do extra rounds of house cleaning. All of that added up to some significant poundage lost.

I am very excited to keep going with Yacon Molasses
and I am totally stoked that it is all natural!

Yacon Molasses is so popular even Dr. Oz had a program on it. Hey, this is some fascinating reading here. Especially to repeat to those naysayers you know that tell you it won’t work.

In one single study of 120 days, people who consumed Yacon Molasses as directed lost an average of 30 pounds and at least two inches off the waistline. Studies have also indicated that it can help lower the bad cholesterol in the body (LDL). Participants in this study were to not change any other habits they already had in regards to diet and exercise. They were only to add Yacon Molasses syrup to their daily intake.

Of the people in another study conducted by Dr. Oz over the period of one month, 29 women (73 percent of the test group) lost at least some weight. Of those 29 women, 14 of them lost at least five pounds during the study while the average weight loss was around three pounds. However, they didn’t just lose pounds. The average waistline dropped approximately two inches off the circumference. Of the women studied, 27 women actually said that they would recommend yacon syrup as a product to help lose weight.

This is a pretty AWESOME outcome using Yacon Molasses Syrup to Lose Weight!

What I took away from all the research I did, and the actual testing of the product, is that Yacon Molasses is truly a solution!

There are so many useless fad pills, powders, capsules and other supplements on the market that to find something that helps is simply amazing. Yacon syrup really does prove to be a product that is not a fly-by-night supplement on the shelf. don't wait any longer! Try it today! Order it here!

Yacon Molasses is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18 years old. If someone has an existing eating disorder, it is not recommended for that person to consume. Directions on the bottle should be followed consistently by taking the recommended dosage and users are to exceed it. As with any other nutritional supplements, it is wise to consult a physician before using and especially for women who are pregnant or lactating.