Ahhhh, the Mediterranean! Sounds like a good vacation spot but sorry, no need to go on a luxurious vacation to begin the Mediterranean diet. You can do it right at home without traveling to Europe or Northern Africa. However, the Mediterranean diet is focused on foods that resemble those of Mediterranean style cuisine.

Well, so after bursting your bubble that you do not have to cross an ocean to become a healthier person, you will find that the Mediterranean diet is actually a great diet that helps promote heart and cardiovascular health. The Mayo Clinic swears by it and it is basically cooking or eating foods that are simple but so healthy for you. This diet has even been noted to decrease the likelihood of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

If your heart could use a little tune up or you simply want to ensure that you keep your heart healthy, the Mediterranean diet uses lots of different recipes that come from the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. It also utilizes healthy oils such as olive oils for a dash of flavor so toss that butter aside and it is a good excuse to drink a glass of red wine (just don’t overdo it on the wine just because you are ‘dieting’).

Mediterranean-dietWhile a good excuse to drink a glass of wine is to incorporate the Mediterranean diet into your lifestyle, there are other foods to incorporate and even stay away from. First of all, when trying to reduce the risk of heart disease and using the Mediterranean diet for heart health, try to minimize your consumption of any unhealthy fats. Some of the main foods that are incorporated in this diet are much like any other diet and consists of whole grains, fish, veggies and fruits.




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