Grab your fishing rod! Or at least visit the seafood counter at the supermarket. When following the Mediterranean Diet, it is recommended to eat as much seafood and fish as often as you can or at the minimum, twice per week. Salmon, tuna, trout and mackerel are great choices and are delicious when broiled, baked or grilled. Do not bread your fish or fry it.

Every single meal should include whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, legumes, seeds, spices, herbs and olive oil.

For snack time, consume those carrots, bananas and apples on hand. If you are a big meat lover, then this diet will take some of those foods off your plate and you should try to minimize these foods. Sweets are also only to be consumed in moderation. Eggs, cheese, yogurt and poultry are also only to be consumed in moderation. The Mediterranean diet also helps to eliminate salt from the diet which can of course increase the likelihood of hypertension. Instead of salt, that is where the herbs and spices come in.

officialhealthblog-mediterraneanYou don’t have to be bored on the Mediterranean diet. In fact, it can be an interesting way to learn new recipes that are simple and provide a little bit of a cultural experience for you. The most beneficial part of it all is that it can help you have a healthier lifestyle and change the way you think about what you consume.




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