The Low Down on Yacon Molasses

Are you sick of fad diets and are looking for a supplement that is all natural and proven to work? It is possible that Yacon Molasses syrup is the perfect option, especially after reading some of the results and effects that it has had on people who have already given it a try. If you need to shed some pounds, balance out bacteria in your intestines and you have a sweet tooth and could use a little sugar substitute without the calories, you might just be surprised at what you find out about Yacon Molasses and how it contributes to overall wellness.

The Benefits of Yacon Syrup

[list icon=”moon-checkmark” color=”#1ca80d”]Helps Promote Weight Loss[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkmark” color=”#1ca80d”]Promotes fat burning process in the body[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkmark” color=”#1ca80d”]Activates energy levels[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkmark” color=”#1ca80d”]Aids in digestion and improves immune system[/list]
[list icon=”moon-checkmark” color=”#1ca80d”]Provides antioxidant support to the humans[/list]

Yacon Molasses is a supplement made from completely organic yacon syrup that helps promote weight loss. It is rich in prebiotics like fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and insulin. FOS is a sugar that are found in several plants but yacon syrup is highly concentrated with it. A tablespoon of yacon syrup is very low in calories (abou 20 calories per tablespoon) and the FOS found in it helps break down the digestive system’s enzymes.


[testimonial author=”Maria, Los Angeles, USA”]”Touted by Dr. Oz as a weight loss solution, I loved this syrup so much I’ve ordered five more! The product is wonderful, great taste, perfect consistency”[/testimonial]

Yacon Molasses is derived from the yacon root which has a sweet flavor. It is a plant that has been used in Peru for centuries. The plant is grown in the Andes Mountains in South America. The extract of the root helps promote the bacteria in the body that can help make a person skinnier. It also acts as an appetite suppressant. Yacon Molasses is a dietary supplement that is packed full of antioxidants and also encourages a healthier metabolism. This allows a person to burn fat and calories at a much faster weight so shedding pounds is much faster when supported by the Yacon Molasses supplement.

Take 1 teaspoon of 100{bb68a92b1f2aaf20282b191f1a811cbace81877a93687d4b707e3d0e9ed655ab} yacon syrup with or before each meal. It can also be used as a sugar substitute, such as in tea or coffee. You can use it in place of syrup or molasses on pancakes or waffles, or add it to oatmeal or fruit. It has been used as an alternative sweetener for diabetics, vegans, and those seeking to reduce sugar intake.

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Is losing weight hard for you?!

Losing weight is not easy and it can take a lot of work mostly through diet and exercise. It is nice to know that there is a sweet supplement on the market that can do what it says it can. It can lead to a slimmer and sexier you.

Yacon Molasses’ FOS component helps control bowel movements by eliminating constipation. It is also a soluble fiber that can increase the bulk of person’s stool. It has also been linked to boosting the immunity system and as a good anti-inflammatory for the body. Bacteria in the colon is balanced out so that there is more healthy bacteria present and helps to eliminate the bad bacteria that comes from foods that are consumed that are packed full of chemicals.

Yacon Molasses is naturally sweet and easy to take!

Yacon Molasses comes in syrup form. Since it is naturally sweet, it is much easier to take than many other weight loss supplements that have similar claims. One teaspoon of the syrup should be taken before each meal. It can also be used as an alternative for sugar substitutes and used as a syrup for breakfast on waffles and pancakes and can be added as a sweetener to fruit, oatmeal, coffee and tea. It is a good product for those that are diabetic and have a hard time controlling insulin production while reducing the intake of sugar. It is low on the glycemic index rating so it will not cause blood sugar and insulin spikes that also contribute to gaining weight.

So popular even Dr. Oz had a program on Yacon Molasses

Yacon Molasses might have gained its notoriety from being promoted by Dr. Oz. As a health fanatic, Dr. Oz even researched Yacon Molasses syrup on his own for a year to see if it lived up to its claims before he would even talk about it on his television show. It has been on the market long enough that there have been several clinical trials performed to see if Yacon Molasses syrup in fact does contribute to weight loss. The results have been backed up with significant findings.

[note color=”#c0edc8″]In one single study of 120 days, people who consumed Yacon Molasses as directed lost an average of 30 pounds and at least two inches off the waistline. Studies have also indicated that it can help lower the bad cholesterol in the body (LDL). Participants in this study were to not change any other habits they already had in regards to diet and exercise. They were only to add Yacon Molasses syrup to their daily intake.[/note]

Of the people in another study conducted by Dr. Oz over the period of one month, 29 women (73 percent of the test group) lost at least some weight. Of those 29 women, 14 of them lost at least five pounds during the study while the average weight loss was around three pounds. However, they didn’t just lose pounds. The average waist line dropped approximately two inches off the circumference. Of the women studied, 27 women actually said that they would recommend yacon syrup as a product to help lose weight. This is a pretty substantial outcome of using yacon syrup as a form of weight loss.

Additional studies on yacon syrup are looking not only more about the effects that it has on metabolism but also how it can contribute to other health benefits. There are bits and pieces of information that indicate that it can help people digest calcium in the body much easier as well as helps the body absorb minerals more efficiently. This is all in addition to helping act as a suppressant for a person’s appetite and helping to balance the bacteria in the intestines, acting as a prebiotic.

Yacon Molasses is truly a solution!

While many fad pills, powders, capsules and other supplements on the market always are making claims that theirs is the best for weight loss, yacon syrup really does prove to be a product that is not a fly-by-night supplement on the shelf.

Yacon Molasses is completely organic and there are 16 ounces per bottle which is an equivalent to 30 servings. This syrup is manufactured in a laboratory that is registered through the Federal Drug Administration in the United Sates. Since it claims to be 100 percent pure and organic, it does comply with all quality standards as set by the USA Pharamacopeia for purity.

The pros of Yacon Molasses are that it is rich in antioxidants. It helps promote a healthy metabolism. It can help you shed weight and lose inches around the waistline and it also helps encourage healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal system. At approximately $40 per bottle, Yacon Molasses is a dietary supplement to at least try and the company that manufactures it offers a money back guarantee. Consumers have nothing to lose but weight and inches.

If you find that this is something that you could definitely relate to, you may have found a wonder dietary supplement. It is one that not only helps you shed weight and lose inches but has a world of other benefits. You should discover that you will be on your way to a fitter, leaner and healthier you.

We take great pride in the quality of our products and want you to be pleased with your purchase. We believe in offering the very best value, quality and selection to our customers.


Yacon Molasses is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18 years old. If someone has an existing eating disorder, it is not recommended for that person to consume. Directions on the bottle should be followed consistently by taking the recommended dosage and users are to exceed it. As with any other nutritional supplements, it is wise to consult a physician before using and especially for women who are pregnant or lactating.