paleo-diet-pyramidWhen it comes to losing weight, many people are desperate to try absolutely anything to shed weight. While there are many crash diets that people are willing to try, there are also some that can become more of a lifestyle change. One that is growing in popularity and is among some of the weight loss fixes that people are leaning to is the Paleo diet.

Well just what is this new found diet? In fact, it is nothing new at all. It is actually the meals of our ancestors. The origin of the Paleo diet, also called the Paleolithic diet, actually is derived from the beginning of man and is based around the idea that cavemen had of hunting and gathering with the exception that it is more modernized. It removes several types of products that have been chemically treated and are used to help with weight loss by taking us back to foods that are less fattening yet still filling.

This type of diet completely eliminates some foods that are good for us and some that are absolutely not. Some of the dietary foods that are not consumed in the Paleo diet are dairy products, potatoes, grains, legumes, refined sugar and salt and any processed oils. Actually all processed foods are primarily reduced in this type of diet.

What the Paleo diet does contain is primarily any produce that is more organic and is a much cleaner and healthier way of eating. It is perfect for people who still want to keep meat in their diets and the primary sources of protein includes grass-fed pasture raised food sources such as meat and eggs. Fish is also a staple in this diet as are roots, nuts, vegetables, fruit and even fungi. Healthy oils are also included such as coconut, avocado, flaxseed, olive, walnut and macadamia oils.

There are special recipes that can be found that are part of the Paleo diet so that you don’t feel like you are just munching on a minimal meal. There are numerous salads, breakfast foods, soups, salmon dishes and many other meals that are filling rather than giving you the feeling like you are just eating what seems like a package of organic trail mix.

This is a wholesome and hearty lifestyle change that may be a bit difficult at first depending on what your current dietary regimen is now. Even a few simple changes and a transition over to a complete Paleolithic diet may just leave you finding that it is more successful. Sometimes if people do an all or nothing diet, they find that it is too hard to manage but even some more of the subtle changes at first can help make this more of a lifestyle change and is quite beneficial to your overall health.

Not only can the Paleo diet help fight obesity, it can also ward off other illnesses such as type II diabetes, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease as well as many others. If you are able to jump on the bandwagon and tie in the Paleo diet, you will find that it is not a crash diet to just lose weight but is a diet that will help encourage a conglomeration of positive body changes.

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