People may tell you to be satisfied with the way that you look and to be comfortable with yourself. But that’s just it. Are you comfortable with yourself? The majority of people when asked likely have one thing that they would change about themselves regardless of how happy they actually are in life. However, when it comes down to it, the majority of Americans are considered obese. In a world that is fast paced and simple solutions equal fast food, it is easy to take the easy route and just maintain. But you can truly fulfill happiness not with the way your body looks but how your body actually feels.

Do you find yourself overeating during a holiday feast or do you eat even when you are not hungry? It is not about food addiction but instead sometimes it is simply just about eating comfort foods. For some reason, these foods fulfill some sort of desire and give you a rush euphoria that lasts…for a short time. What about taking strides to fulfill your life for the long haul?

Maybe you are not one of the few million or so that are considered overweight. Unfortunately with potato chips and candy bars being within reach, it can be so easy to grab ahold of one to satisfy a short lived hunger. When truly wanting to lose weight and experience a better you, you have to really want it for you. Sometimes those zip pants can start feeling a little snug but instead of jumping up to another size, why not give in to a 15 minute walk every day or even just parking one spot further away from the door at work, school or the store? Simple changes can really change your life but it is a matter of how bad you want it.

Fifty pounds can seem like an overwhelming goal but it is attainable. There are some people that can go on exercise kicks or trust in diet fads and drop that weight in no time. For others, metabolic rates just do not allow them to do so. That 50 pounds does not have to be shed in a short period of time. Keep it in the back of your mind as a goal. If your goal is something else, maybe more or less than 50 pounds, then just keep at it.

Do you realize how many people just get overwhelmed at the thought of losing weight? Weight loss can be overwhelming if you let it consume you. Instead, there are actually programs out there that can change your life for the long term and then it is all about maintaining a body weight that makes you feel healthy and happy. All it takes is a little bit of motivation.

What is better motivation than a picture of yourself at your heaviest weight? Do you feel good when you look at it? By no means is this an encouragement to start fasting or develop a bad eating disorder. It is all about changing mentality and realizing that weight loss can come and it can come to you with time. Never get down on yourself because the numbers are not falling on the scale as quick as you want them to. Keep up the motivation to eat healthier and to do a little bit of exercise. When you do shed a couple pounds a week, you will be shocked at how happy it makes you and the sense of accomplishment you will feel. That feeling is so amazing, you will want to keep after it. Look for the little milestones because the major one will come.


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