Choosing healthier foods and leading a more nutritious lifestyle that can help you feel better is simply by consuming organic foods. The supermarket shelves are loaded down with more of these types of foods because people are gradually becoming more aware about the dangers of the unnatural chemicals they are putting into their bodies. It is a more body conscious way of eating, helps support the agriculture industry and in the long run, is better for the environment. No soils are harmed in the making of these organic foods. The bonus: eating healthier with foods richer in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants can help you lose weight.

These are foods that have been grown through organic farming in ways that eliminate any chemicals. Some of these could be additives, fertilizers, pesticides or other synthetic modifications. It is a cleaner and healthier way of eating because the chemical toxins are not ingested. The other reason it is a healthier method of consumption is that the chemicals have not destroyed some of the nutrients that are present in these foods.

oficialhealthblog-organicEating foods that are organic really is not that much of a transition from some of the habits that you already may be used to. This is especially true if you consume several fruits and vegetables. One of the best ways to ensure that you are eating organically is to actually grow some of your own foods in a garden or small greenhouse environment.

You know what you put on that food and know that there are no preservatives and other chemicals that can devalue the nutrients of the food. Another option which has its benefits and its downsides is of course, buying organically from the supermarket. Once upon a time, these foods typically came from a health food store or even a farmer’s market. Now they are more prevalent and the regulations of what is deemed an organic food is quite strict in the United States.

You may not be able to see the difference of organic foods versus what you were used to seeing on the shelves. An apple looks like an apple. Red. Shiny. Round. It is what is on the inside of that apple that makes all of the difference. Well, that and what it was grown in. The apple that you are used to seeing probably was chemically fertilized to increase production. It was likely sprayed with chemicals to remove bugs and manage weeds.


Organically, natural fertilizers like compost or manure were used to help grow the apple. Other insects or birds helped to ward of obnoxious pests and the crop was either mulched or weeded by hand to eliminate the weeds. If this apple were an animal product instead, thinking red meat, dairy or poultry, traditionally it would have been encouraged to grow with a growth hormone while instead the organic ones are range fed. That is important for all of the carnivores out there to know.

P.S. ‘Natural’ does not mean organic on a food label.




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