Feel that pace. Steady now and go with the rhythm. One foot over the other as you feel the pedals go faster climbing that hill. Go faster now; someone is on your tail. Don’t let them pass you. But they won’t because you are on a stationary bike.

Exercise in correlation with weight loss is one of the best ways to get a fitter and leaner you. You will feel healthier. You will decrease the likelihood that you will develop any diseases prematurely. There are people that are in the age category of 50 + that exercise on a regular basis and feel better than they have in their entire lives. It is never too late and you have a whole life ahead of you to try to start making changes for the greater good of your body, your lifestyle and even your spirit.

officialhealthblog-weightloss1The majority of Americans are well beyond obese. Some may criticize that the body weight composition that doctors have set up as a recommended height and weight combo just are simply irrational and you will always be considered obese. Never ever get discouraged. You might be 5’4, 135 pounds and still considered obese. It could be how your body shape just is. You might never be in that perfect little range but it’s nothing really to worry about. What should you worry about? How you feel. Think overall and then think long term.

Perhaps you are a person with a sedentary lifestyle. You cannot for the life of you get off your tail and on your feet to go to the gym. In some cases, you don’t even have to. There are ways to lose weight that don’t even require you to ever take a single step into a gym. Do some simple crunches or try a Couch to 5K workout where you train in increments to be a more fit you. Keep some simple hand weights around. There are a world of exercises out there that you can do from home and walking around the block carrying a big weight ball might just be one of them.


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