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Withings Smart Body Analyzer
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Technology has taken over and there are even more options of devices that can be connected to the Internet. The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale happens to be one of those, creating a tool that can help manage weight by turning a conventional scale into one with even more features.

The dashboard found on the web is just an additional tool to the Wi-Fi Body Scale. You can log in to your account on the Internet or on your smartphone at any time and see a complete update of all information about your weight and other data collected by the scale’s electrodes at all times and it remains completely confidential, updating every single time you step on the scale. Your lean and fat mass is calculated daily and is very precise. This allows personal access to accurate fat mass, lean mass, BMI, and weight and helps you to determine your progress and where you need to be in order to be within a healthy range based on height and current weight.

All information is determined immediately so that as soon as you step off the scale, you can check your app to see what your progress is. The scale is always ready to go and no matter who is using it, there is no need to ever calibrate it.

When consulting physicians, nutritionists or trainers, you are able to pull up your information immediately and show them where you are in your healthy weight range. It is very beneficial to help keep tabs on for medical record purposes.

Physically, the scale has a good size display screen. Since it allows for multiple users, the scale can automatically determine who the user is. All information on the website for weight comparisons are password protected. Users have the capability to monitor all changes in weight, BMI, lean and fat mass using graphs and are also able to set goals. Browsers that are compatible with the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale are Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Simple start up requires visiting http://start.withings.com in order to set up the scale after the batteries have been inserted. All software needed can be downloaded easily and users simply set up an account and profile on the Withings website.

The Wi-Fi Body Scale is attractive in appearance with a modern black-mirror glass surface which unfortunately gets dirty very easily. At less than an inch tall, it is very flat for ease of stepping on. It is a square shape measuring at 12.6 inches by 12.6 inches in height and width and weighs approximately five pounds. There is a black version and a white version of this attractive technologically advanced body scale.
Withings Scale

Understand your body

An enlightening experience.

Discover your body data put into perspective and step off
the emotional roller coaster. Consider variations of the
fat-lean ratio and Body Mass Index to make sure you
target the right pounds.

Reveal patterns, become weight-aware.

Withings ScaleThe scale itself is divided into four different equal quadrants with a disc in the center. The display screen is at the top of the scale. Electrodes that are invisible to the eye are also on the surface of the scale and this is what captures the data of your lean and fat mass. The scale has four feet on the bottom and is helpful when determining weight of the user.

The battery compartment is on the bottom in the center of the Wi-Fi Body Scale. Inside the compartment there is also a switch that allows you to change your measurements from kilograms to pounds depending on your preference. This is also where the USB port is for use when you set up your Wi-Fi Body Scale for the first time.

The Withing Wi-Fi Body Scale has many unique benefits. It helps you to easily monitor and maintain your weight. Also with using your app or web browser, you can access your BMI, lean and fat mass in addition to your weight, showing graph visuals that help you to see your progress. Everything you need to connect the scale to the Internet comes free.

At any time, users of the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale can access their personal information from any Internet browser, smartphone or tablet. There are free apps with the iOS for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and also for Android that are designed exclusively for the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale. You can check your weight and maintain it at anytime from anywhere. Users see their body weight and the Wi-Fi Body Scale also measures lean and fat mass data. Using any adult man or woman’s height and weight, it can also configure a person’s BMI (Body Mass Index) which tells the amount of body fat an individual has.

Withings Scale

100+ Withings partner apps.

Whether you’re into weight loss coaching, activity and calorie tracking, or cardio fitness, there’s a great chance we’re already compatible with your favorite apps. If you’re new to this, you’ll discover how our open approach to healthcare can further leverage your body data.

Here’s just a few of the apps out there that you can use in partnership with your Withings scale:

Run Keeper


RunKeeper is an app that uses your smartphone’s GPS ability to keep track of your outdoor fitness activities. It lets you monitor your progress on the RunKeeper website and even share your running life with friends.

My Fitness Pal


Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest to use calorie counter. Get free access to the world’s largest food database – over 2 million foods! With amazingly fast food and exercise entry, MyFitnessPal will help you manage your daily calorie goal and take those extra pounds off.

Lose It

Lose It!

Lose It! is a Wireless Scale compatible app that automatically imports your weight readings from your scale. You can set a daily calorie goal and achieve it by recording what you eat and how you exercise. Out of the people who’ve already used it, more than 85{bb68a92b1f2aaf20282b191f1a811cbace81877a93687d4b707e3d0e9ed655ab} of them have lost weight.

Withings Scale

Useful for the entire family.

Since the scale comes with eight profiles, it is great for the family, allowing those with children to keep track of their child’s health. When comparing it to other users within the family, it can also help you stay motivated if you want to compare your progress. You will be able to set goals and determine how you are progressing with easy-to-read graphs that Withings’ technology has made possible. Plua, since Withings is partnered up with nutritionists, you can see if you are eating a balanced diet that works for you or you can develop a workout plan that can put you in the range you need to be.

Withings Scale

If you want to share your updates on social media, Withings also has methods of sharing information with all of your friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

Users easily maintain progress with weekly email reports sent to them. There are other fitness services that Withings has teamed up with that can help determine what exercise regimens can help you maintain or reach the goals you have for your body.

When you step on the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale, you instantly get a weight on the display and it automatically switches off. It easily allows users to switch from pounds to kilograms and has a maximum weight capacity of 396 pounds (180 kilograms).

Withings Scale

Air quality

See the invisible.

As the scale checks the indoor air quality through temperature and carbon dioxide measuring, the app builds a CO2-level graph with the important thresholds and lets you know when to clear the air. Improve your sleep.

As the scale helps you make sure you keep CO2 at healthy levels, when placed in your bedroom – a rather confined space where you spend a lot of time – you can get the most restorative nights.

You will know the Wi-Fi Body Scale when you see it as it comes packaged with a photo of the scale and icons with the iOS app on it. Features on the packaging are also listed and many of the technical features are also listed in various languages. Upon opening the package, the scale comes in a protective bag with four AAA batteries that it requires for functioning. It also comes with a USB 2.0 cable, an installation guide on how to operate the scale and its apps and a tape measure.

Weighing in and remembering your progress is no longer a problem with the interactive capabilities of the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale. Withings has turned a conventional tool into one that is easier for maintaining a healthier you. The only downfall is the price as it is expensive but it can definitely be worth it.